Monday 16 April 2018

Good morning. Hope your Saturday was good. We are rolling into a new week and the final course we will discuss for now.
We are aware of the current business climate in the country. In spite of this we all have dreams of building our own empire, running our own business and making a name for ourselves(or at least we assume everyone aspires for that). This is however easier said than done. Your hopes alone cannot start a business; you need to lay out a foundation that will guide your efforts and decision making process. That's where we come in.
Our program for "Effective Planning for Business Startups" was developed to ensure you gain a proper understanding on how to start a business. We provide you with tools that will help you establish a solid foundation to work from, teaching you how to read the business environment, guiding you in planning and establishing solid goals for you business a day most importantly helping you with Brand Creation.
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Have a lovely and blessed day.

Good morning, rise and shine. It is a beautiful Saturday morning and we are continuing our enlightenment week, with a course that is recommended for everyone; men, women and children will benefit from the course.

Finishing Techniques
We exist in a world that can be quite confusing; we are self-conscious about ourselves around other people and are never sure of how to interact with other people. It often leads us to be stand offish at gatherings and by effect not considered approachable to people. Our self confidence has taken hit after hit, so much so we have just stopped trying. We are social animals, we need to establish and build interactions with others, for our own good. All we need is the proper guidance to help lift us from our rut. 

Finishing techniques is a top-notch programme for men and women to help build our self confidence. The course aims to equip us with essential etiquette and protocol knowledge to enable you to move seamlessly through different social circles, enabling you to exude poise, panache and elegance, no matter where you are or who you meet. Be it socially or professionally, you are bound to create a positive and lasting first impression.

For enquiries on the various packages we have for Finishing Techniques, please email us at training@diamondschoolofprotocol,com or call on 08105379848

Friday 13 April 2018

Good morning. It is day 4 of our enlightenment week and as the weekend rolls in, we want to provide you with an extra special course Strategic Communication for Peak Sales.

In the business environment, communication accounts for at least Ninety percent (90%) of our activities. To able to effectively sell or market a product to a client or prospective customer, one should be able to properly manage the quality of communication occurring between you and the customer, directing the interaction to build a mutually beneficial and lucrative relationship.

This course will lead you through strategies that will help you develop skills to effectively understand you target audience, develop strategies to effectively engage your target audience, equipping you to read the seasons to ensure maximum impact on marketing efforts and guide you in properly managing your customers.

If you have any questions about Strategic Communication for Peak Sales or any other course offerings, email us at training@diamondschoolofprotocol,com or call on 08105379848

Thursday 12 April 2018

Good morning!!! We are back again with another course in our enlightenment week. Today we will be taking you through our "Professional Polish" course.

We are in constant communication; verbal and non-verbal. The way we present ourselves, how we speak, emote or bear ourselves, all factor in to build a perception of us to others. As it is generally known, perception is a key factor in the business world. This means that the customers’ view or perception of an Organization (either positive or negative), is a major factor in defining his/her loyalty to that organization.

In the course Professional polish, we are offering business owners and professionals the tools to help you develop wining social skills that will foster better communication between you and your clients.

According to a study conducted by Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie Learning Institute, your success in business is attributed to 15% in your technical skills and 85% in your social skills. In other words, a professional can know a product forward, backwards or upside-down, but could lose or be unable to sustain clients without adequate Social Skills.
If you have any questions about Professional Polish or any other course offerings, email us at training@diamondschoolofprotocol,com or call on 08105379848

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Good morning and welcome to day 2 of our enlightenment week. Hope your days have been good thus far. We will be looking into a new course today; "Personal branding".

The first thought that often comes to mind when we hear the word “brand”, is a product; a food item, accessory or company that provides a given service, to which they may or may not have competitors for that service.

Each and every one of us is a brand; our ideals and abilities are a representation of who we are and what we believe in. Personal branding is the practice of marketing ourselves, our abilities and careers as brands, what we can offer and the benefits gained from choosing to work with us or have us work for you.

This course will help you cultivate the techniques needed for creating and maintaining a distinctive brand, showing you the importance of self-packaging and development; helping you exude those qualities you want people who associate with you, to think and speak of when they think of YOU.

This course aims to empower you in cultivating and managing your brand and equips you with the tools to properly market yourself and your capabilities as a distinctive brand.

If you have any questions about Personal Branding or any other course offerings, email us at training@diamondschoolofprotocol,com or call on 08105379848

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Emotional Intelligence
Good morning everyone, and welcome to the start of our enlightenment week. We will be kicking off with our course for "Emotional Intelligence".

Emotional intelligence is the art of being able to read and interpret emotions in yourself and others, while helping to manage your emotions and building stronger interpersonal relationships with other people.

The purpose of this course is to help build your social awareness by giving you tools to aid in gaining self-awareness and social management skills. In our daily activities and social interactions, we are likely to say and project emotions that can affect the way others interact with us and others, the quality of work they do and, quite likely, their productivity. For those in leadership or managerial positions, this will affect your bottom-line.

This course will help you govern how we influence, coach and inspire others; helping you to effectively build better communication in the work place and raise productivity. It will also aid you in improving the quality of your social interactions with other people, helping you build strong and meaningful relationships.

If you have any questions about Emotional Intelligence or any other course offerings, email us at or call on 08105379848

Have a lovely day.

Monday 19 March 2018

Good day everyone, hope you are enjoying 
your day.  As I was going along through 
the streets of Lagos, with its "glorious" traffic, 
I noticed the driving styles of motorists and 
a phrase just came to me, "riding the line".
 Hmm, where did I hear that from? It sounded 
so familiar that I decided to check up on it? I ‘googled’ it, went through the
dictionary and guess what? The inspiration came from within me.Really?!?! 
Wow!!! As it has inspired me, it seems only fair that I explain and possibly 
inspire you too.  
Most roads have lines distinguishing one lane of traffic from the other. There
is however always someone who decides to drive right in the middle of the 
road, halfway on each side. Seriously?!?! They take up the whole road 
without a care for others they share it with. By driving on the midpoint, 
right over the line, they are ‘riding the line’.
 I have considered a few theories that should go with riding the line
·     There has to be at least 2 possible options (lanes) to take 
·     These lanes are such that by taking one, you would likely forfeit the 
      other and whatever benefits you may glean from there (traffic just 
      starts to move right after you left the lane!!)
·      Even if you miss an original opportunity, you may be able to get 
       back on that lane
·      There are absolutely no guarantees that the lane you pick is the 
        right one or even the most profitable 
          Riding the line is a tale of indecisiveness; one’s inability to make a choice; 
         you want a hand in everything without committing to anything. It is 
         assumed we all have something we aspire to;notoriety or infamy, renown 
         or preeminence. You cannot get there if there is no there to get to; set 
          your goal. With your target in sight, how do you attain that goal?  
         Have you got that? Good. Next, how do you get what you need 
         (I am assuming we are law abiding citizens and nothing would be 
          considered criminal) to get you to your goal?  
         For someone who aspires to be a dancer, I would not recommend courses 
                     in accounting.
         For everything we aspire to be, we need to learn the ins and outs and tools 
         of the trade, polishing off our rough edges and preparing ourselves for our 
         target; one thing that is true is that no matter what prize we are reaching
         for it is going to take time. The greatest people of industry today did not 
         attain success overnight; it took time, dedication and passion.
         If you know where you are going to, pick a lane that will take you to your
         destination. Acquire the traits and skills you will need to excel at your 
         destination, learning from someone who knows and is willing to teach you.
         It might be a slow process but the alternative may be disastrously long, with 
         no guarantees to success and certainly no hope of ever getting to your 
         expected end. Polish up for the ride ahead, you want to be ready when 
         you reach your destination.

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